Friday, 15 January 2016

Week Ending 15th January 2016

Our curriculum topic for this term is "Journeys", and this week the children have been doing lots of work that ties in with this theme.

Squirrels Class have made their own vehicles from construction paper and recycled materials.  They thought about car design, and learnt about how the wheels turn on an axis, then had fun decorating their vehicles with lots of bright colours.

Children in Hedgehogs Class have been thinking about journeys that they would like to make.  They have written to Mrs Hounslow to ask her if it would be possible to use the School minibus to visit nearby places, for example, Dunstable Downs, Ashridge Forest or a local supermarket.  On Tuesday, they had the opportunity to have a good look around the minibus, which was very exciting!

Badgers Class travelled in the minibus to Luton on Thursday, to visit Stockwood Park Discovery Centre.  This trip was part of the Schools Linking Network programme, which pairs schools up, so that children can meet and befriend children from outside of their own communities.  Our partner school is Hillborough Junior School in Luton. Badgers Class met up with their Year 4 Class, and they all spent the day together, getting to know one another.

The morning included some team games and activities, where the children had to build a vehicle and transport one another across the room. They also had the opportunity to look around the museum of old vehicles and carriages, and complete a discovery worksheet.  The afternoon was spent outside in the park, which was lovely, but rather cold!  The children were delighted to make some new friends, and are looking forward to their next meeting later in the year.

More travelling was done on Thursday, this time on foot, by the children in Hiking Club.  They wrapped up warm and enjoyed a lunchtime walk around the village.  This is just one of many clubs that take place at lunchtime or after school - others include Chess Club, English Challenge Club, Marathon Club, Cross Country Club and Digital Leaders -  so there really is something for everyone!

Pre-School children in Hamsters Class meanwhile, have been enjoying reading "Stick Man" by Julia Donaldson this week.  They have used the story as a basis for lots of activities, including building, painting. construction and scientific investigation to find out which materials sink and which float.


Next week: a swimming gala for Year 5 and 6 children, and our first HSA meeting of the new year, which takes place on Thursday evening.