Friday, 11 October 2013

Week Ending 11th October 2013

We became a School of Knitting during Choices on Thursday afternoon!  Thanks to a group of willing volunteer helpers, our "Creative Pastimes" children learnt a new skill, and produced colourful bookmarks to take home.  Elsewhere, the "Jobs People Do" group found out all about working on the London Underground, a subject which ties in nicely with our Transport theme this term.

We now have a new re-cycling area which the Green Team will be responsible for organising. The area adjacent to the cycle parking area is the designated venue, where a set of colour-coded bins are already in place.

Some of the "Green Team" ready for their recycling task!

This year, our fruit trees have produced an amazing amount of apples, pears and quince, which have been used in recipes in the School Kitchen.


We are hoping to establish an art area, on the edge of the field, where children will be able to sketch and draw, in a peaceful location.  Part of our Nature Trail is being cleared, so that some outdoor teaching can be held, in a forest environment. Our children will be taking turns to investigate the outdoors, and develop their survival skills.
Our Nature Trail - the site of our planned "Forest School"

The next Sharing Assembly will be held in the Hall next Wednesday, at 9.00am.