Friday, 23 March 2012

Week Ending 23rd March 2012

The Pre-School has been an even more exciting place to be this week, with the opening of "The Tunnel"... Is this a first for a Pre-School we wonder? The most difficult decision was who should crawl through first! The only problem that arose was when some children liked it so much, they were a little reluctant to come out the other end...

Children were arriving at School this week with some peculiar items - giant wooden sculptures, tinfoil statues and plants made out of paper - all very exciting re-cycleable homework.

Friday was a special day for thinking of others. The children came to school with an animal, of the soft toy variety you will be pleased to hear! We supported "Bring a Bear to show you Care" for Action Medical Research. The children also had to research their animal and tell everyone about it. Then the school gates were closed as we saw how many laps of the school grounds the children could manage for Sports Relief.

Next week is Open Evening on Monday for parents, and a treat for the children on Wednesday evening with an after school Spring Disco.