Friday, 18 February 2011

Week Ending 18th February 2011

Half term is upon us! Hope you all enjoy the break with your children. Perhaps the sun will be kind and shine on us!

On Tuesday, there was a Sharing Assembly in the Hall, when quite a number of children celebrated their efforts in English / Maths / R.E. / Art and behaviour.

Friday was an exciting day, when we entertained some students from University. we look forward to seeing them next half term.

This week, Otters have been having a lovely time, decorating t-shirts. They explored the nature trail, collecting all sorts of natural objects - twigs, leaves, stones, feathers and even an egg shell - and used these to make vibrant printing designs, which are now beautifully displayed outside their classroom.

Key Stage one pupils have been making a variety of puppets in D.T., ranging from monstrous monsters to fantastic fairies! ... and as for Rapunzel... well can you spot her by our entrance?

Key Stage two children have been making wind up toys ... take care as you walk, in case one shoots by!