Friday, 28 January 2011

Week Ending 28th January 2011

This week, we welcomed visitors to our first Sharing Assembly of 2011. Children celebrated achievements in most subjects, and there was a wide range of exciting things, from jumping frogs, flying parrots, to bear caves and Tudor houses.

Pre-School children and Hedgehogs have been "in the dark," this week, as their topic was "Light and Dark."

There was a delicious aroma of toast wafting along the corridors... something to do with material changes?!!

Our allotment has been dug over ready for the new Spring planting. Bunches of carrots made their way to the kitchen, and were the main vegetable on Thursday's menu. The children voted them the best carrots ever grown!

Henrietta, Florence and Rosie continue to entertain us, and are still laying lovely, brown eggs.

Another apple tree has been planted in the orchard, so another type of apple to be munched on.