Friday, 12 November 2010

Week Ending 12th November 2010

We have been busily sorting Choir costumes, for our older children, this week, and making plans for the decorations in the hall. Younger children have been allocated parts in the play: "Little Blue Star," and are excitedly practising words and songs.

This week younger children have been investigating changes in materials. Did anyone spot "bubbles" flying over Eaton Bray, on Thursday?! Others have been investigating "Pop Art"... look out for their ladybird collage, by the new room.

We now have new furniture in our library - the favourite so far, being the lovely, green sofa. There are new lilac trolleys, for display books, and red trolleys for both children's and adults' lending library, which will be run by the School Council.

The theme in our corridor this year, will be "Dick Whittington," due to our Milton Keynes pantomime link... so look out for "hungry cat" and scampering mice!