Friday, 29 January 2010

Week Ending 29th January 2010

On Tuesday this week, we held our first Sharing Assembly of the New Year. We celebrated the successes of children from all classes - and were even joined by a magnificent Chinese dragon, complete with sheepskin eye lashes and beard!

Wednesday was disco day, when most of our children "danced the night away." They had a delicious tea, and I'm sure slept very well that night, as did the adults, who put in much forward planning enabling the event to run so smoothly. Thank you to all who helped.

Our Healthy Schools inspectors visited on Thursday, and were most impressed with their tour of the whole School. They were chaperoned by members of the School Council, and were impressed by all areas visited. They were especially impressed by the changes made over the last couple of years. It wasn't until we came to list them, that we realised just how how much has been achieved by our hard working dedicated members of staff, who give up much of their "free" time, to make our School so welcoming to all. Aren't we lucky!!

A new edition, is the "E.B.L.S. Station", to be located in the Nursery. If you want to see the station plan, please take a look at the information boards beside the platform area. We are planning a grand opening in the not too distant future. If anyone out there has any artifacts (eg. bell / tickets / ticket machine / clock) they would be most welcome.

Remember.... History Day on Monday 8th February - everyone to be dressed as Kings and Queens.