Friday, 6 March 2009

Week Ending 6th March 2009

The most flamboyant and exciting day this week was definitely Wednesday, when staff and pupils celebrated our World Book Day, by dressing as birds! The costumes were magnificent, with many species from foreign lands, linking to our Global Learning work. The children were treated to a talk and display by "Birds of Bray" (Look out for an article in the local press!).

On Tuesday we celebrated the achievements of many children, in Sharing Time. It is a time for invited parents to share not only their own child's/children's achievements, but also applaud the other children from all classes.

Wednesday was the evening for our Governors' Meeting, when plans for the next academic year were made.

Outside, our allotment is being gradually filled with vegetables and fruit. Our water butt is in position and we are continuing to compost daily. The next outdoor project is the rejuvenation of our pond and refurbishment of the pond shelter. After that, the children are to help design and camouflage a bird-hide. If anyone out there has a pair of binoculars that they could gift to the School, we would be most appreciative!