Friday, 6 December 2019

Week Ending 6th December 2019

Christmas has well and truly started at Eaton Bray Academy!

On Saturday, we held a very well attended and successful Christmas Fair, which raised a fantastic sum of money for the school. This will be put towards new play equipment, including a new "trim trail" in the new year. Thank you to the PTA for organising such an enjoyable day, and to everyone who supported this event.


Hedgehogs classroom was transformed into Santa's Grotto for the Fair, and still resembled a Winter Wonderland on Monday when the children returned to school. The PTA had kindly left the Elves' Workshop for the children, and they had a lovely time playing in their "Snow House".


The children throughout the school have been busy getting ready for their Christmas concerts, with the younger children rehearsing "The Landlord's Cat", and the older children preparing for their carol concert at St Mary's Church next week. On Wednesday morning, we were visited by the ladies and gentlemen from the "Wednesday Club", who enjoyed listening to the children sing, followed by a cup of tea and a mince pie.


On Wednesday afternoon, the whole school walked down to the church to take part in our annual Christingle service. The children all made their own Christingles, and learnt about the symbolism of each element of the decoration:

  • The orange represents the world
  • The red ribbon symbolises the love and blood of Christ
  • The dried fruit represent all of God’s creations
  • The lit candle represents Jesus’s light in the world, bringing hope to people living in darkness.
As usual, it was a lovely service, and children and adults alike felt quite moved by the sight of our eight hundred year old church lit by flickering candlelight. What a wonderful way to start the festive season.


On Thursday morning it was Badgers Class assembly. The children spoke about all that they have learnt about during this busy term, which has seen them enjoy trips to St Albans and to Amazon as well as visits from Whipsnade Zoo and Affinity Water. They shared videos of some of the Science experiments they have carried out, and displayed their artwork. Everyone was very impressed by how hard the children have been working, and by how well they spoke up in front of their audience.


Next week will be very busy, with a theatre trip and all the Christmas concerts taking place. So much excitement as we approach the end of term!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Week Ending 28th November 2019

What a fantastic evening was had by all at Mount Foodius last Friday!

Guests were greeted in Italian as they arrived, by smartly dressed and courteous waiting staff, and treated to nibbles and drinks before being shown to their tables. The hall had been transformed into a charming Italian restuarant, with low lighting, music, and table decorations adding to the authentic atmosphere. All the food was beautifully cooked and served with great care and attention to detail - guests all felt extremely well looked after. Do have a look at just some of the five star reviews the children have received for the evening on the school website.

Every Year Six child had a part to play, with some being waiting staff and others remaining behind the scenes in the kitchen, and what a team they proved to be! They learnt so much, not only about preparing, cooking and serving food, but also about the many challenges of running a business:

A day in the life of a waitress, by Hannah

It is very stressful running a restaurant, especially when you are ten years old! We had enough chefs and waiters to get it running but it was hard to keep track of the different tables. We had fifteen tables and sixty three guests but only nine waiters with me being one of them. We took all their orders and wished them a good day whilst we were barely coping…

Mt Foodius by Siobhan and Eloise

                                           Mount Foodius, a restaurant run by Year Six,
                                           The oldest class at EBA.

                                           Food was distributed to all the customers,
                                           Overcooked food didn’t happen,
                                           Onto the plates, bowls and platters,
                                           Dinner was served to hungry mouths.
                                           Into the oven went pizzas and bakes,
                                           Up to the table went waiters with plates
                                           Standing up for hours to make our restaurant great!

Well done to Deer Class for a really successful evening, and a big thank you to school staff who gave their time to help, and to the parents that supported the event and helped raise over £750 for EBA Enterprise.

After all their hard work on Friday, on Monday, Deer Class enjoyed a trip to the Spy Centre in Milton Keynes, which tied in with their topic work on "Espionage". The children were given spy missions that they had to undertake, which involved a number of physical and mental challenges. Once again they had to work in teams, co-operating and co-ordinating their strengths and skills to achieve the desired outcome!


On Thursday at school, we celebrated Bedfordshire Day. This is an annual cultural, historical and geographical celebration of our county, which takes place on 28th November, the anniversary of  John Bunyan’s birth. John Bunyan, the famous writer and preacher of the seventeenth century, and author of "The Pilgrim's Progress",  was born in Elstow, near Bedford.

At Eaton Bray Academy we chose to focus on the landmarks of Bedfordshire from the countryside to the towns and aspects associated with it. 

Hedgehogs found out about the Vauxhall factory in Luton. The children saw pictures of the earliest cars produced at the factory and looked at some examples of later models.  They also learned about the importance of Vauxhall in World War Two, finding out about the famous Churchill Tanks which were produced at the plant and used in the military operations. They also identified some examples of modern vans which are produced today. The children chose to take part in a range of activities. They played with the cars and road map, designed and created their own model cars from junk materials. Groups of children also made a larger car model from a cardboard box.

Badgers Class children looked at depth into the village of Whipsnade.The children were given carte blanche to devise their own information package, be it a leaflet,  poster, booklet, travel document. They worked really hard and showed good team work.

Foxes made a variation of Bedfordshire Clangers from start to finish. This is a suet crust pastry, traditionally filled with a savoury filling on one side and sweet on the other. The children made their own sausage meat mixture with pork, onions and peas for the savoury side, and used apples with sweet mincemeat for the sweet side. As an extra twist, they dusted the sweet side with cinnamon sugar.

Rabbits children learnt about Woburn Abbey and the deer that are bred on the estate, and decorated some deer templates. They discovered that the concept of "afternoon tea" was first introduced to Britain at Woburn Abbey, by the seventh Duchess of Bedford in 1840 - apparently she felt too hungry to wait for her late dinner!

Hedgehogs also celebrated the origins of afternoon tea, by having a tea party in the classroom!


Friday afternoon was very exciting, as the PTA volunteers came into school to set everything up ready for the Christmas Fair that takes place on Saturday 30th November. There are lots of stalls, with games to play and competitions to be won, as well as a raffle with superb prizes, and a magnificent Santa's Grotto...

Do come and join us, from 11.00am - 2.00pm!


Friday, 22 November 2019

Week Ending 22nd November 2019

On Tuesday, Badgers Class children were lucky enough to have a tour of our local Amazon Fulfilment Centre, in Dunstable. They were fascinated to learn all about how all the orders are picked and packaged ready for distribution, and enjoyed watching the Amazon robots at work. At the end of the tour, all the children received a free gift of a water bottle and a toy.


Since September, PTA volunteers have been working hard to clear an area of brambles and overgrown bushes from the school field, to create more playing field space. This week, they organised tree planting along the perimeter of the field, and the children had a lovely muddy time on Wednesday helping out.




Amidst great excitement, children in Hedgehogs, Otters, Squirrels and Rabbits Classes have started rehearsals for their Christmas play! This year they are performing "The Landlord's Cat", and this week, roles were assigned, and scripts distributed. The performances will be on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th December.


On Wednesday, a group of Year Four children attended a fottball tournament at All Saints Academy in Dunstable. This was the first time this particular team have taken part in an event - all had a great time, played well and were proud to represent Eaton Bray Academy.


In Hedgehogs this week, the children have been learning about India. On Friday they discovered how tea is grown and produced and looked at photographs of India and tea production.  They pretended to be tea producers and created their own imaginary journey, then watched a film showing afternoon tea in The Ritz Hotel in London. The teachers turned Hedgehogs classroom into a tearoom and the children ate an afternoon tea served by their teachers.

Otter Class have also been learning about India, and Diwali, the Festival of Light, which they have celebrated by making Indian sweets.


Deer Class children have been very excited this week, as on Friday evening, their Italian restaurant Mount Foodius opens, for one night only, to parents, family members and school staff. There is a fantasic menu of pasta and pizza dishes to choose from, as well as delicious Italian desserts, all prepared, cooked and served by the children, who have been working extremely hard to get everything ready, and to make the School Hall look like a real Italian bistro.

Watch this space for a full report of the evening next week, or head over to the school website, where we have set up a "Trip Advisor" style review page, for patrons of Mount Foodius to leave their comments on what we are sure will be a lovely evening.