Friday, 24 April 2020

Week Ending 24th April 2020

Eaton Bray Academy may be closed due to the coronavirus, but work continues, and our spirit will not be dampened!

So we have started a "Virtual School" Blog, to document, celebrate and share all the lovely work that the children have been doing at home during this time of lockdown.

Please click here to read about all that has been going on.

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Week Ending 20th March 2020

Well what a week.

Please enjoy some photos of Rabbits Class' trip to Stockwood Park on Monday. We're so glad that our Year Three children had the opportunity to meet with their friends from Hillborough School in Luton, and enjoy a lovely day of fun and activities, before we found ourselves sadly having to cancel every other planned activity this week.


On Wednesday we took the decision that school would shut from Thursday, and this was shortly followed by an announcement from the Department for Education that all schools in England would shut at the end of the week, as part of the efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

We don't know how long this situation is going to last, and when we will be able to welcome children back to school. However we would like to thank the families in our school community for their support and understanding during this very difficult time. The lovely emails we have received from parents have been greatly appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the hopefully not too distant future.

Eaton Bray Academy Primary School and Pre-School

Friday, 13 March 2020

Week Ending 13th March 2020

It's been a busy time at Eaton Bray Academy, and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed Science Week.

Each class has worked on different Science projects throughout the week:

  • Hedgehogs children have been investigating forces.  They have discovered lots of interesting facts about movement through playing "Simon Says" and "Musical Statues" and by exploring the outdoor apparatus. They have also been experimenting with magnets and have discovered which objects are magnetic and which aren't. 
  • Otter Class has focused on the human body, and explored what is needed for us to function - food, oxygen and so on. The children investigated the changes that occur when we exercise and discovered that the heart rate increases and that we get warm and perspire. To find out more about human senses, they re-enacted the story of "The Princess and the Pea", and found out how many sheets of material were needed before the pea could no longer be felt.
  • Squirrels Class looked at plants and investigated how they take in water to help them grow and thrive. They placed celery in water that had been dyed with food colouring, and observed how the leaves took on the colour over twenty-four hours. 
  • The children in Rabbits Class learnt about friction. To illustarate how friction can help with tasks, they carried out an experiment with jelly cubes - they were given chopsticks and had to use these to move the cubes from one plate to another. The jelly cubes were then coated with oil and the children observed that this reduced friction and made the task more difficult. 
  • In Badgers Class the children "made" a digestive system using everyday objects, for example, scissors to represent teeth, and tights for the digestive tract. They used this to illustrate the journey that our food makes through the body.
  • Foxes Class children enjoyed experimenting with a plasma ball, and observed the effect of different object held against the globe.
  • In Deer Class, the children looked at electricity, and made circuits to light up a bulb.

The whole school was set a STEM task, which was to work in pairs to create a tree, using only four sheets of paper and a pair of scissors - no glue, tape or paperclips were allowed. This they did with much enthusiasm and great results!


On Wednesday, Foxes Class children went on a trip to the British Schools Museum in Hitchin. Here they learnt about the life of a child living in the 19th century, and attended a class in a Victorian school learning the 3R's - complete with cane and dunce cap! They enjoyed a guided tour of the Headmaster's house and found out how children would keep themselves warm, clean and entertained in a world without all the technology and modern conveniences that we take for granted today. It was an enjoyable day which really brought history to life for the children.


On Friday the final day of Science Week was celebrated by a special assembly in the morning, where each class presented to the rest of the school all that they have been doing this week. The grand finale of the week though was in the afternoon, when the whole school took their chairs out into the school playground to watch a wonderful demonstration of practical Science, presented by Mr Bannister.

Luckily the weather was kind to us, which meant that staff and children were able to witness various impressive experiments outdoors. These included: using liquid nitrogen to freeze dry then shatter bananas and daffodils; making ice cream (chocolate and strawberry!); creating a huge blue foam erruption from hydrogen peroxide and washing up liquid; and finally using liquid nitrogen to produce a massive explosion of ping pong balls from a wheelie bin!

What a fantastic and inspiring afternoon - well done and thank you to Mr Bannister for organising it.




Friday, 6 March 2020

Week Ending 6th March 2020

The grand final of the EBA Bake Off took place on Monday. Five fabulous cakes were tasted and evaluated, and the judges were pleased to announce that the winner of EBA Bake Off 2020 was Luke in Year Five, who baked a "pinata cake" - a delicious chocolate cake with a special surprise when you cut into it - lots of yummy sweets hidden in the centre!

Well done to all the finalists, and thank you to everyone who took part this year.



On Tuesday we celebrated World Book Day. The children came into school dressed as a character from their favourite book, and everyone took part in a wonderful fancy dress parade around the Hall. We had a wide variety of characters, from Mary Poppins to Sherlock Holmes, the Demon Dentist to the Big Friendly Giant, sharks, dinosaurs, wizards and much more!

The day was full of lots of exciting activities, including a Grand Book Quiz and a competition to work out which book was which teacher's favourite, as well as lots of crafts and games with a book theme.

In Hedgehogs Class the whole day was focused around the book "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" by Judith Kerr. The children created their own book covers, and made party invitations for a tiger's tea party. They wrote shopping lists to get the tiger some food for his party, using a word bank to help spell some of the words. In the afternoon, the Tiger came to visit the class, and the children enjoyed tea and cakes with him!


In their Science lessons, Rabbits Class children have been learning about the human skeleton this week. They were assisted by our resident boney friend, "Mr Sidney Bonejangles" (or Skeleton Steve depending on who you ask!) They had a lovely time drawing around one another on the floor, and identifying where the different bones were in the body, then enjoyed a large scale human "jigsaw" where they were tasked with building a skeleton by putting all the bones in the right place.


Children who went to German Club this week also learnt how to identify different body parts - but in German! They learnt the German version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" together with the actions.  The children then performed their song to the whole school during Singing Assembly.

German Club is attended by children from all classes in the Main School, and is taught by Miss Roberts who is a fluent German speaker. The children are very enthusiastic and are developing their pronunciation of words very well.  They can already say basic words and phrases including informal and formal greetings and words of praise.


Next week is Science Week, and there are lots of activities planned. Year Five children are looking forward to running their "Gadget Shop", which will open every day after school. It will be jam-packed with scientific gizmos, toys, games, and gadgets available to buy for 50p, £1 or £2, all aiming to promote a practical awareness of science in the real world, and promises to be "an exciting stall, home to the most exciting scientific curiosities this side of the moon!"

We hope to see you there!

Friday, 28 February 2020

Week Ending 28th February 2020

After a rather wet and windy half term break, we returned to school on Monday refreshed and ready, and hoping for an improvement in the weather in the next few weeks!

We welcomed back the EBA Bake Off on Monday, with the final round, which was for Hedgehogs Class entries. There were some wonderful cakes, most with a hedgehog theme! The winning entry from this week's heat actually featured two adult headgehogs (Miss Waldock and Miss Roberts) and nineteen little hedgehogs to represent all the children in the class - how lovely!

Next week is the Grand Final - we can't wait to see (and taste) the wonderful "Show Stoppers" the children produce!


On Tuesday, Rabbits Class enjoyed a trip to Bedford, where they went on a "Faith Tour", as part of their R.E learning. They visited three different places of worship: a Sikh Gurdwara; a Muslim Mosque; and a Christian Church. In each establishment the children were given a tour of the building and a presentation about the worship that takes place there. They all found it very interesting and returned to school full of information which they were keen to share in assembly. Everyone agreed that it was "a great day!"

The Queen's Park Faith Tour is part of the Culture Challenge, an initiative that seeks to give children the opportunity to experience and enjoy a variety of art and culture.




Back at school, Hedgehogs Class children have been learning about the traditions of Shrove Tuesday and its importance to Christians today and long ago. They watched a film showing a pancake race in the small town of Olney in Buckinghamshire and then had their own pancake race across the classroom - unfortunately due to the bad weather they were unable to have it outside. However, the children still enjoyed running with their "pancakes" in pretend frying pans.  They also rose to the challenge of trying to toss the pancake!


Hamsters children also enjoyed Shrove Tuesday, making and eating their own pancakes! They are reading "The Snail and the Whale" by Julia Donaldson and have made a colourful display to illustrate the undersea world where the characters live.


Squirrels Class children have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh this week, and enjoyed looking at prints of some of his most famous paintings. They have planted sunflower seeds and are looking forward to these growing and blooming so that they can paint their own Van Gofh inspired masterpieces! 

They have also started reading "James and the Giant Peach" by Roald Dahl, and will be doing various pieces of work linked to this story. Their first task was to taste and describe peaches - yummy!


We came to school on Thursday amidst heavy falling snow, which resulted in a very light dusting om the ground. This was very exciting for the younger children who made the most of it before it very quickly melted! It was also extremely exciting for our newest member of staff, Miss Jones, who has lived all her life in Australia, and had never seen snow before! We have promised her there will be much deeper snow next time...