Friday, 20 May 2011

Week Ending 20th May 2011

On Tuesday, Sharing Assembly was well attended, and many children enjoyed sharing their achievements... We even had three Marathon certificate awards!

In the afternoon, a "mad scientist" held an assembly, which was very exciting. Children will have the opportunity to attend an after School science club, next half term.

Hopefully the village wasn't sent into a panic on Wednesday, when there were lots of "green" children in the vicinity of the school. There are now a selection of robots around our classroom, claiming to be able to perform all sorts of chores. These are Claudia the cleaning robot; Eric the electrician; Gary the gardener... all made from recycled materials.

In glorious sunshine, on Thursday, Rabbits enjoyed tennis, Hedgehogs did orienteering and Squirrels some gardening.

Our grounds are looking well-manicured, in preparation for Open gardens on 12th June. Do try to come along and stroll round, then perhaps have one of our delicious cream teas.

Next Friday is the day School closes for half term. ENJOY!